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Dermatology Differential Diagnosis

Published: September 2010

This practical, user-friendly and up-to-date books is made up of articles from a popular series in the Practice Nursing journal and covers:

the aetiology, diagnosis, management and prevention of most common dermatological cases

social and psychological factors and their impact on patients and treatment of skin conditions

It has been highly illustrated with colour pictures provided throughout to aid diagnosis. The chapters have been presented in a user-friendly format making this a highly practical text for nurses and GPs.

About the author

Dr Jean Watkins is a retired GP who remains an active member of the Practice Nursing Editorial Board and, in April 2004, was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Table of Contents

Section 1- Malignancies

Chapter 1: Malignant melanoma

Chapter 2: Malignant melanomas and seborrhoeic wart

Chapter 3: Mimickers of malignant melanoma

Chapter 4: Keratoacanthoma /Basel Cell Caricinoma Squamous cell carcinoma

Chapter 5: Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma

Chapter 6: Skin manifestations of breast cancer

Chapter 7: The nipple

Section 2 - Moles an Other Skin Lesions

Chapter 8: Brown pigmented lesions

Chapter 9: Telangiectasia

Chapter 10: Viral warts

Chapter 11: Genital warts

Section 3 - Rashes

Chapter 12: Diagnosis spots and vesicles

Chapter 13: Plaque psoriasis

Chapter 14: Lichen planus

Chapter 15: Interigo

Chapter 16: Scaly feet/Keratoderma

Chapter 17: Hand dermatitis /Tinea manuum

Chapter 18: Insect bites/Bullous pemphigoid

Section 4 - Pruritis

Chapter 19: Urticaria

Chapter 20: Erythema multiforme

Chapter 21: Atopic eczema

Chapter 22: Compulsive itch

Chapter 23: Scabies

Chapter 24: Infestations

Chapter 25: Genital

Section 5 - Specific areas of the body

ISBN: 9781856424011